Parent Support & Coaching

The primary goal of a “Coach” is to help clients do a better job with each other, with their children, grandchildren or other family members. A Parenting Coach works with families and individuals to address concerns surrounding divorce, separation and family transitions. This is a confidential process aimed at strengthening the family and assisting members in adjusting to a shifting family system. A Parenting Coach works to empower parents to make healthy decisions regarding parenting and discipline. The Parenting Coach also provides support and guidance to parents and individuals as they adapt and adjust to various family transitions and developmental stages.



Although I am licensed as a marriage and family therapist, I do not provide therapy in my role as a Coach. The Coach role is approached as primarily educational and advisory in nature, although it may have therapeutic benefits. There is no diagnosis provided, so sessions will usually not be reimbursed by insurance. The following chart outlines how the focus and outcome differ between a coach and a therapist:

Outcome and action focused Focused on internal psychological processes
Focused on keeping the process moving forward Explores unresolved issues from the past
Transparent process with disclosure when relevant Client has confidentiality with therapist
Goal oriented Process oriented
Focuses on family Focuses on the individual
Works in consultation with attorneys Does not typically consult with attorneys