Emily Anderson,
(She/her) MSW, LICSW

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker as well as a MN-BSW approved clinical supervisor. I am passionate about joining individuals and families on their journey.  I work with a wide variety of clients ranging in age and background.  I am trauma informed in my approach and recognize the need for a wholistic understanding of the relationship between the mind and body.     

The process of embracing one’s story can be liberating.  Life is often created through moments we do not anticipate.  I am passionate about joining with others to better understand how their stories have been shaped by their experiences, both past and present.  I seek to increase the expressive narratives in order to allow others to more holistically and diversely understand the complexities of humanity as well as be able to show up as their authentic self.  I am committed to providing supportive, nonjudgmental space in order to allow individuals and families to journey in painful places as well as embrace delight.  

License and Education: