Welcome to Rise Therapy

Rise Therapy offers therapy for individuals, couples, families, and adolescents as well as clinical supervision, consulting, mediation, and parenting coaching in Rogers, St. Michael, and surrounding areas.

Rise was built on the belief that we all aspire to grow, learn and be our best selves. Life often presents challenges and obstacles. We may find ourselves confused, alone, hurt, or feeling powerless. We are here to support you in navigating through the tough stuff of life and empower you to make decisions that enable you to rise to the challenge and work through the pain rather than being stuck in it.

My name is Jennifer Knapp. I have all kinds of credentials and certifications to help guide my work with people, but what you will find most true about me is my genuine commitment to connection and relationship. My style is supportive and nurturing, yet direct when necessary.

I am a trauma and attachment based therapist. This means when I sit with folks, I am thinking about all the experiences that have happened thus far and shaped who they are and how they view the world.

We all exist within the context of relationship, whether it be our parents when we are young, or intimate partners and friends, or community. I believe behavior makes sense in context and people are doing the best they can. I also believe change happens when people begin to make sense of that context and are able to shift from reacting to situations to responding in a thoughtful, balanced way.

I offer a 30-minute free consultation so you can get to know who I am and how I work and see if it is going to be a fit for you. If I am not a fit, I am happy to provide referrals and support you in getting connected to the resources you’re seeking.